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Technology Services

The library is more than books!  We offer a variety of technologies to access and use information.

Public Computers

All Rutherford County Library System locations offer public computers with the following software installed:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


All of our library locations offer free WiFi.  To connect, look for the network named "LibraryPUBLIC" and agree to the Terms of Use.


A collection of learning tablets for children, teens, and adults is available at all library locations.  The tablets are pre-loaded with educational games and activities that DO NOT require an internet connection at your home.  You can view the full list of titles and descriptions by clicking on one of the categories below:

If the tablet you are interested in is checked out or located at another library, ask a staff member to place it on hold for you.

Haynes Maker Kits

Thanks to a generous grant from Duke Energy, the Haynes Branch Library has over a dozen "maker kits" available.  These kits contain information and supplies to conduct hands-on experiments and building projects.  The kits check out for two weeks and can be sent to any of the other Rutherford County Libraries upon request.  Click here to see a complete list of kits.


Did you know the library has a 3D printer available for public use?  The printer is located in our DBU Makerspace.  Click here to learn more about the Makerspace.  At this time there is no cost for 3D prints.  Please be sure to click here to read our 3D Printing Policy that covers the types of objects that can and cannot be printed.

Media Conversion

Our DBU Makerspace has equipment available to convert VHS tapes to DVDs and LP records to CDs.  There is no cost for this service, but you must provide your own blank DVDs and CDs.  Be sure to check with library staff about the required DVD and CD formats before purchasing your blank media!


Several different robotics kits are available for anyone age 10 and up to build and program.  The kits are located in our DBU Makerspace.

Programming Kits

Have you ever wanted to learn basic electronics programming?  Our DBU Makerspace has two Arduino kits available for in-house use to learn the basics of programming.  Interact with LEDs, learn how to take input from external components, and more!