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Rutherford County Survey of Recreational Needs

In partnership with the TDA, IPDC, Destination by Design and RHI Legacy Foundation, we are conducting a survey to identify the needs and preferences for recreational opportunities in the County. Information gathered in this survey will be used to help in the development of a comprehensive plan for parks and recreation programs and facilities within Rutherford County. The plan will evaluate existing recreational opportunities within the County and provide recommendations for additional opportunities. It will also assist with establishing recreational priorities. We value your input and hope that you will consider taking the survey. Thank you!


REaD Access

 REaD Access Banner

What is it?

Our REaD Access program provides all Rutherford County students access to numerous library materials and resources through partnerships with the local traditional public, charter, and private schools.

What does it cost?

Nothing! REaD Access accounts are free and provided to students in all participating schools in Rutherford County. Check with your school library if you are not sure if your school participates in the REaD Access program.

What can you do with a REaD Access account?

Check out up to 10 books and/or audiobooks, access ebooks and other online resources, and use the library’s public computers using your student ID number.

How does it work?

To check out books and/or audiobooks in the library, you will be asked to provide your student ID number.  To check out ebooks or access other online resources, you will be prompted to type in your student ID (the website may say library card number) and the 4-digit PIN you were assigned.

All of this sounds great!  How do I get a REaD Access account?

Check with your school library to see if your school participates in the REaD Access program.

Have more questions?

Call the library at 828.287.6115 and ask a staff member for assistance.